can anyone else feel when they are ovulating?? bc i am in a bit of pain rn 2 weeks until i’m due for my period 😭

Abdominal Distention



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  • Carolina


    I suffer from bloating, terrible abdominal and pelvic pain, and bad mood

  • ricecake


    my mom told me ovulation pain is normal and that many women experience it (she wasn’t being dismissive; just reassuring me bcs I was freaking out) and I think thinking this way sometimes helps you relax your body bcs for me, when I think about the pain and relate it to PCOS, it leads to “what else can it lead to? am I getting worse?”

  • TigerLily79


    I no longer have a period but when I did I got rushed to the hospital in high school because they thought I was having an appendicitis attack was actually painful ovulation the doctor said. Midol or Aleve helped with that pain for many years but eventually like everything it didn't any longer. A heating pad or one of those lidocaine patches had helped too.

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