I can't get the messy cycles of self hatred to stop for 5 minutes, I can't get the help I need, I've been working through my mental issues like my own therapist for years and I'm exhausted. I'm over it. I just want some peace and quiet


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  • SemenSlurper9000


    I don't know if it helps much but i wanna say that whenever you're going through this just know that you are not alone. we hear you and see you and are proud of you for even just acknowledging that you struggle with this<3

  • J.X


    you are so so strong and i’m proud of you for who are armed what you’ll will grow to be if you need to vent or talk about anything we are here for you

  • decomposingprincess


    i feel the same way ): no matter what i feel the same and hate myself. i am here for you and you are strong. <3 ur not alone!!

  • Bisquick


    Thanks for opening up. You allowed me to discover this video as i too struggle with suffering of self criticism. What do you think of this video? https://youtu.be/11U0h0DPu7k

  • madelinew


    do you have a therapist? mine really helps with that

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