Henlo! first time posting on here because i really wanted to ask, does anyone else have days where their intrusive thoughts feel really vivid? almost like visions or something? im having a really good day today so of course that's when my brain decides that it's time to believe that the worst is about to happen X(

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

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  • Rasin


    yep! it’s perfectly normal to have off days and it really sucks when their super bad

  • RubiCat


    absolutely! my worst kind are when they sneak into my dreams. theyll just be extremely realistic events or settings (like something i did the previous day or week or something i could easily do tomorrow) but they will be insanely gory or just weird. i try to write about them as if i am a fiction writer and that makes me feel alot better. its like im taking them back. im sure you could do the same thing with the vision-esque ones you have during the day. writing or perhaps drawing a picture. i know that can be hard for certain things, but even its drawing with the colors that correspond with it or writing vague words related. it doesnt have to be an exact representation if its a touchy or triggering subject:)

  • Goose33


    definitely. when I have intrusive thoughts I see them happening as if I were really seeing/doing the content of the thought, so they seem super real.

  • clover99


    YES. I know when I secretly have anxiety because my OCD just goes bonkers that day. I've had OCD for 25 years and gotten it about 85% under control, when that slips or I notice my compulsions becoming unmanageable it's a sign. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF THAT DAY. Stop, be gentle with yourself, walk away from compusive actions, engage your brain in ANYTHING else. Care for yourself. It will be better tomorrow. It's usually just a day or so.

  • Lms526


    Yes! A few months back, I had intrusive thoughts for like 3 different themes, intrusive images, and an OCD related dream. It was a tough night. My OCD tends to get worse at night. It's completely normal with OCD to have good days and bad days.

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