How to deal with injection site irritation?
Taking T makes me extremely itchy at the injection sites. I tried talking to the doctor about it and they just said that a side effect of injection medication is site irritation.
It's quite annoying and I'd like advice on how to soothe it when it gets itchy.



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  • BeanBoy


    I find that the itch usually lasts as long as I can feel the oil bubble from the injection (subq). But injection site massages kind of work the oil into the blood faster and make the itch go away faster.

  • searching_wanderer


    I will put hydrocortisone cream on it throughout the day, whenever im itchy, and it generally helps a lot. Ive talked to my provider and they basically said not to worry about it, but if it gets worse then we might want to change to a different solution. Theres another type of injectable T thats suspended in a different oil that can be less irritating if the one youre on is goving you trouble, but generally it is more expensive.

  • Coldbrew


    I changed the needle size that I use (if you use insulin needles that’s likely why. I used 20 gauge to draw and 30 to inject.) otherwise it might be where you inject. My stomach has always been the worst for me.

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