What's the point of a psyc ward, it's giving me absolutely no coping skills at all, if anyrhing it's making it worse. Now I'm falling behind in school, and university does not care at all. Mental health help is a joke and I don't know what to do anymore


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  • KittyKatKuo


    Unfortunately mental health facilities fail most nowadays in actually helping their patients. 😥 I'm sorry this is the case for you, once you're out I would look for a good therepist to teach good coping skills or seek others like you for coping skills as they are more dependable than a psych ward nowadays. Try to not worry too much about your schooling (easier said than done I realize cuz I'd be worried and mad too) and duck down and get the time over with as soon as possible to get out.

  • kiteistired


    I understand how you feel I almost got sent to one and usually they send people because they think the person might be a danger to themselves which even then they don't help at all if you ask me. Honestly if they make you repeat a year or something try not to worry about it because it was out of your control! Keep going man things will get better and I know it might be hard to with the stress this may be causing you but please try to get some work done so the chances of you repeating are low bb you've got this :] if you ever need to vent I'm here

  • Soraiya


    I feel for you. 💕 It didn't help me at all either. It felt like they were focused on keeping me alive but not addressing the reasons I didn't want to be.

  • Asia_ollie


    exactly i had an anxiety attack everyday i was in there and nobody noticed i was terrified that i was gonna fail

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