I'm on so many important meds that mess with my sugar. I also have other health issues that prevents me from exercising. My sugar is out of control for these reasons. I can't get in to see an Endo for a while. What can I do?

Diabetes Type 2 (T2D)

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  • MaryC


    Cut out carbs & sugar & soda (even diet). I just went through surgery and have been having a rough time with sugars as well. Things like condiments have sugar in them. Hope you can get help soon.

    • Bre777


      thx I drink a lot of zero Gatorade (doctor ordered) and hate condiments lol

  • UCBree


    Bre, we've got to get you eating low carb, but not Keto. I reserved my diabetes. Please message me anytime.

  • SCWC


    I agree low carb and low sugars. I had spinal fusion in L4 and L5. I was extremely limited in exercising. Following a low carb and low sugar diet along with starting a new medication (because my sugars became extremely high after this surgery) I have lost up to 22 pounds. I have not been able to exercise like I want to or should but you can lose weight following the low carb low sugar diet.

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