what are some ways to help with adhd

Attention-Deficit Disorder

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  • HaltheWitch


    For me personally I find fidget toys are a big help. Stuff like slime, infinity cubes, fidget spinners, etc. Anything really that I can just play with in my hands helps me. Even if it's just a pen to repeatedly click, although I know people find that sound obnoxious sometimes.

  • Natalia_Romanova


    Fidget toys are good and also some days to be stress free and alone.. possibly meditation to destress your self

  • MarySol


    Medication. A life saver. I am all over the place and a stress case without it. I can't start/finish things, I can't manage multiple tasks, I can't read, I can't fill out a form, I can't concentrate, focus, organize nor even get through a day.

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