I would love to hear anyone's experience with weight loss surgery- type, side effects, diet, results, the before, during and after. I need to lose weight but it seems like a lot can go wrong with this type of surgery. I'm especially curious how it affects energy and pain, I have fibromyalgia.


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  • HeartOfGlass


    I had a sleeve gastrectomy in 2018 and lost 280 lbs. I did have complications post op in that I had an adverse reaction to morphine and excessive pain after surgery. I did have a partial liver resection, and hiatal and umbilical hernia hernia repairs as well. I had a-fib develop during the procedure so they put me on an anticoagulant post op. Not the smart thing to do after a partial liver resection! I ended up back on the hospital for internal bleeding! Would I do it again if I knew what would happen? Heck yes! However, my case was extreme and normally a person would have a bit of pain after but they give you pain meds for that. I’ve maintained my weight loss with only a 10 lb weight gain. I feel so much better and still I’m amazed that those tiny jeans fit me! It’s nice to go into s store knowing I can buy off the rack without having to pray the store carried 5X sized clothes. The surgery was so worth it for me.

  • Nightowl


    What is your diet like now?

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