I had this delusion, it has been lasting months on and off. It's this boundless reassurance that I will reach fame and that the stars in my head are who is helping me get there.
I practice art, it's my passion. anything other then what I know to do feels wrong. just need to talk tbfh ☠️ got problems up the azz

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  • Asteroidrose


    if you need to talk, I'm here. but yeah, sound really rough.

  • OurLadyOfChaos


    I used to have delusions of grandeur and psychosis- not the same, but similar? I thought somehow the fate of a great amount of people or even the world rested on my doing the right actions.... But I couldn't figure out what they were? I also had a big problem with addiction. Those kinds of thoughts went away a month or couple months after I stopped all substances, I think? Unfortunately I had paranoid psychosis (ppl watching me, following me, talking about me, spying on me) for literally years. Best of luck. You don't have to tell me, but are you trying to quit substances at all? Or new in recovery?

    • plombir


      I have been through substance abuse for about 5 years. I've been sober for almost a year, but I've used nicotine very recently. This messes with the levels of my antipsychotics and can trigger psychosis. I have this idea that I talk to anyone I like in my head. Like a magical telepathic channel that sometimes gets me onto deep distractions. I lose track of my responsibilities and the consequences. Allowing isolation to be a literal fun ride

      • OurLadyOfChaos


        that's hard. I'm sorry ♥️

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