I just really need someone to talk to I have been having really dark thoughts and just feel lonely I have been battling with manic depression since I was 12 but with the pandemic and just getting out of a 16 year realtionship that turned toxic and mentally abusive has compounded things badly

Bipolar Disorder

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  • Sadiladi


    I'm here for you. I'm glad that you aren't in that relationship anymore but understand how difficult it is getting out of it because I left a toxic marriage

  • lonelygirl1986


    Really wow did you have kids because I have 4 boys ,15 ,1,2,3, this is a lot to handle especially feeling like IAM on my own

  • Weets


    You can talk to me. I've been struggling w bipolar for 28 years and believe me, I've had MANY dark times. Just promise me one thing..... You will NOT but yourself. Deal?

  • BreezyinJune


    I'm sorry you're feeling down and thinking dark thoughts. I feel you. I have only known about my bipolar for about 10 years. I hope you are having a better day !

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