Are your legs swollen all the time? For RLS, do people always have varicose veins?
I'm trying to decide if I have RLS, as a doctor didn't diagnose my symptoms.

Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS)


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  • Cindylou


    I do not have varicose veins. I told my doctor my symptoms and he diagnosed it from that. For me, it feels like there’s an electrical current going through my leg or legs and causes the muscles to jump. I’ve had it since before it had a name. Medicine helps tremendously! Usually I drink some dill pickle juice before bed for a little extra insurance.

    • Wigglychic


      about how much juice? Another lady told me about this ad well.

      • Cindylou


        🤷🏼‍♀️ about a half an ounce or so, maybe more.

    • Bianca22


      what medicine helps?

  • IggyPop


    I've had two severe sprains on one foot, fractured heel on the other. Gabapenten helps but still have some pain and numbness. 🙄

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