Besides medication and therapy what else helps your depression?


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  • Jackstoneridge


    Finding a hobby to distract you from depression. I discovered woodworking and having projects keeps me busy

    • Denotchka


      That's an idea, but you're really best to find out the root cause and uproot it. Distraction only works so long then you're right back at square one.

  • Zetsumei2012


    Guided meditation and keeping my mind occupied.

  • Bambi_Thumper


    I've found that being with pets is helpful ❤️

  • Bureizu


    People around me who understand that my depression sometimes takes over and that I am not irritated at them*. Sometimes depression makes it nearly impossible to do certain activities, so we find different stuff to do that would actually cheer me up. And not in a fake positive way, but just knowing someone cares so deeply about me that they understand I don't hate them when I'm depressed, is huge.

  • hyadesnymph


    music, taking hikes and admiring nature

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