hey, I have no idea how this works honestly. Um. recently I've been just feeling terrible randomly out of the blue, my mood just suddenly gets awful (even though I'm having better days). I don't really know what to do about it

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • MiloSunshine


    First things first- I love your username 😂 Secondly, I experience this a lot with my anxiety and depression. I think my depression is a chemical imbalance, and with my anxiety I think just small things trigger it that I don't really catch. I think having a journal on how you feel and what you've been up to can help pin point any triggers. It also helps to stand back and acknowledge it and just let it be- if that makes sense. One of my favorite sayings is- "Imagine this thought is a leaf floating down the river. Just sit and watch it, acknowledge it, and let is pass by"- or something like that.

    • DogFood


      🥺 thank you so much. That actually sounds really helpful, I'm going to try that. I also love your username, milo is my favorite drink!

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