I have been having tension headaches for over a year. I went to a neurologist last September and put me on amitriptyline 50mg. The amitriptyline has helped a lot but I have also dealt with cronic fatigue and what feels like hot flashes. I am not sure they are related. I am not sure if this might have been brought on by covid or stress.


Chronic Headache

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  • Henry99


    I also have tried amytriptaline for my headaches and nerve pain. I personally hated it and got off it after about a year

  • TTNY


    I started low on amitriptyline 10mg and it still made me feel groggy the next day! I took it for about 3 weeks and stopped taking it because I couldn’t stand feeling that way. Then my neurologist put me on gabapentin and that was way worse!

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