Do you get nauseous and puke after eating with your gastroparesis? This has been happening for over a month now and the only things that don't make me sick are drinks and Popsicles.

Nausea and Vomiting


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  • xxARYN420xx


    I do... but my stomach only empties every 2 days or so. So for example I woke up today so bloated and went to sit up and began vomiting undigested food and pills from yesterday 🙃

  • piellatina


    It happened when I first was diagnosed, but then I had to figure out what foods I should stop eating. Also - when I felt very bloated. I drank a teaspoon of baking soda in warm temperature water. That will make you burp and help you digest. I also started taking pills called "Doltrix". I get them in mexico. And there's no American version for it. But they work and give me relief.

  • justkittenya


    I don’t puke, thank goodness. I am Nauseated before and after eating.

  • UnicornGranny


    I had so much issues eating food that my doctor and dietitian put me on liquid protein shakes and 1 easy to digest meal a day if I can get it down.

    • Careabear


      I also do think type of diet

  • Slothgirl


    Yes usually within a few minutes and on I’ve even thrown up days old food before gastroparesis sucks I have a severe case and have a feeding tube but my gi doctor wants me to try to eat I’ve been in this new normal for over a year where my Gp got worse

  • MissLucy_101719


    Following... I can barely eat popsicles anymore

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