my PTSD is so bad, I'm barely sleeping. I wake up in fear I'm in the same situation every time. will it ever end? I just want to sleep like normal again. I'm tired of flashbacks ruining my life. I have therapy every week but I can't seem to find a coping mechanism to help me through my panic attacks 🥺😭

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  • MommaSavage


    So far for me, it has not ended. I'm scared to sleep and I'm so sleep deprived that when I do sleep I struggle to wake up. I'm not mentally there for my kids lately because I've been so drained. Therapy doesn't help me either, I am very self aware of my mental state so "talking it out" does nothing for me. No medications have seemed to help either. The only thing that helps me is to dissociate on my phone to the point where I pass out, or I cuddle up with my partner and we talk about anything until I'm in a better mindset. I'm sorry i couldn't be of more help, I just wanted to let you know that you're not alone.

    • ivygold_gy6


      I understand completely. There's many forms of therapy, EDMR is 90% effective but very hard and draining for the first month, it does get easier though and can bring you back to more "normal". I understand being sleep deprived. Idk how to fix it but to listen to meditation music and take OTC medicine to make myself sleep or I don't. Over sleeping can bring more depression. Try to find a coping mechanism that works for you that is effective for the hard times; for me I carry a stone (rose quartz) with me everywhere just in case I panic or lose it. There's something out there for everyone, best advice I have is take care of yourself first. Remember to smile and you'll be ok ❤️

    • whentomorrowcomes


      that is exactly what i need to do!

  • DrakellaEuphrates


    I have wonder this same thought. Try something called "Brown Noise" it has been amazingly calming esp in panic attacks.

  • Elytra


    My nightmares have come back in force and I relate, I'm having the worst time sleepi g

  • Cannedbread


    I’m in the same boat… I sleep to escape the thoughts and flashbacks and then wake up from nightmares and barely get any quality sleep. Here for you, you’re not alone❤️

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