I am 43 years old, 5'8 and 245 pounds. Yes I love to eat, yet hate to cook. BUT the thing I feel is contributing most to me being obese is that I have a severe addiction to sugar!!
Can any of you give me some ideas on how to keep sugar out of my diet?

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  • Rabbitt


    Here to see the answers to this! I’m a Private Chef and dealing with PCOS, sugar is my weakness 😥

  • Dad.of.Many


    Here also for answers. Fats and carbs are my Achilles heel.

  • Goofy4Disney711


    What helps me is eating fruit or yogurt. It’s got the sweet taste, but better than eating say a candy bar or ice cream.

  • Ashiz1989



  • klazikel


    First rule for me is I don't completely deny myself sugar, I limit my sugar intake greatly. I don't bring any sugary treats into my home. It's a good idea to find sugar substitutes also. Fruit is my friend! I also take an appetite suppressant so I don't overindulge in what I eat. Not saying it's easy, just a way to do it.

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