why do I feel like I need to apologize when someone does something negative to me?

my friend was supposed to pick me up and take me home from my college tour. they ignored me for 2 hours after we were supposed to meet. they said they were on their way and they'd be there in an hour and a half since they were picking up a gun safe from their grandma. 2 hours later they get to me and are upset of how long it took to get to the college and upset that they made me wait so long. cue me struggling to find a way to make it my fault so they aren't upset. and I feel really guilty for making them upset.

I hate my brain

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

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  • Pusheenlover


    Nooo please don’t hate your brain!:( it’s so frustrating sometimes but it does it’s best for you. If you do your best for it back, you’ll tell yourself that the person blaming you is struggling in their own ways. Their problems aren’t yours. It’s AWESOME that you were at a college tour! Screw someone not being as impressed or proud of you as they should be by your choice to even just consider that jump. Let them be disappointed in themselves but don’t let them take it out on you. You’re not an inconvenience or a burden just because someone else is bad at timing and distance calculation.

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