your pain goes to your leg and feet

Hip pain

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  • Azyrel


    Whenever I try to resume tango, I get a pain that runs from between my big toe and the one next to it, up my tibia, and out to my hip. Or when my hip gets tight it pulls and I feel the pain in my knee and ankle - but a chiropractor usually helps with that. Your pain sounds like sciatica pain - which is difficult to manage

  • Arael


    I’m having the same issue. The pain grabs me and radiates down the leg. It can happen if I’m either driving a long distance or have been on my feet for long periods of time. I’ve done adjustments at the chiropractor for about 5 years and it helps but I also suggest stretching. I’m actually going to an orthopedic doctor to follow up after an MRI. From the research I’ve done I have sciatica too 😛

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