I met my roommate our freshman year of college, and I had/have a crush on him. I tried asking him out a couple times but he's made it clear that he's only interested in us being friends. It's been 6 years since then, and we've been living together for the last 3 years, and it's only gotten worse, especially now that it's just the two of us and my dog. It feels like we should be a happy little family.
A few weeks ago I started actually trying to move on instead of just vibing with it, but it's hard. I'm used to treating him, whether it's little gifts or I'll make us breakfast, I helped him help his parents move, but I'm trying to realize that I'm not getting and will never get the same effort from him. I deserve more, I just don't know how to be "just friends" with someone I'm this interested in

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  • Teardrops


    You have to move on. I think the suggestion of getting another roommate is a good idea. Or maybe you need to live either with new roommates or out on your own. Over 6 years and he doesn’t feel the same, You are putting your energy into doing nice things for him, but it’s a waste of time and money, and self-esteem. I say self esteem because he rejects your efforts and doesn’t do the same in return has to be a blow to your ego. Can you start looking for some else??? Someone who can give you the love and affection that you deserve. I hope this doesn’t come off harsh or negative. I am just expressing my thought 💭 in a way to be supportive. I hope it comes across as supportive. Good luck!

  • StrawberryMilk


    it will hurt but trust me, you shouldnt waste any more time and emotions on someone not worth it. You may not see that hes not worth it now, but trust me. See the facts as it is, he doesn’t reciprocate the energy to you, i personally believe a masculine man or person will definitely go out of there way to court you and make it 101% obvious they like you if they wanted to. thats the kind of man or person you want to be with. not someone who is dragging your heart around. ❤️

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