Lately I've been losing interest in everything. I haven't been keeping up with school and I'm so behind. I stopped enjoying my shows and games that I play with acquaintances. I don't have the energy to get up and clean or take care of myself. I don't have the motivation to do anything anymore.


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  • Toes


    Could be depression! Check with your doc

  • Fangirl


    I think the first thing you can do is get outside. Get some Sun and fresh air everyday. Go on short walks. Next, ask your family to help you get your room straightened out. If everything is overwhelming, sometimes straightening your space helps. Next, check with your doctor about your vitamins, the possibility of depression. I’m not quick to jump to prescriptions (because of side effects) but you and your doctor will know if one is right for you and necessary. Pace yourself to make up your schoolwork. Talk to your teachers if necessary. You are good to recognize that you’re not feeling like yourself. I hope you are able to get help.

  • GreenBoyTag


    I have been diagnosed with depression in the past and currently taking medication for it. My father doesn't live with us and my mom is currently on bed-rest, so I'm the main caretaker for the house. I'm used to being the "maid" and doing a lot of the stuff around the house, but everything just been really numb lately.

    • mynewfriend


      It doesn't sound like your meds are working well. It can take time and some trial and error to find the right medication for depression. Not that a drug can fix your life circumstances but it can at least take help you find a frame of mind for coping. I'd talk to your doctor if you've been on meds for more than a month or so. You deserve to feel better than this!

  • CmcC


    You might need to check in with your doctor and have a chat about your symptoms if they've changed since you last got your prescription! You've got this 🤗❤️

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