my doctor won't prescribed me adiven or xanx even though I know I need it, why do you think she doesn't prescribed it? and how can I get her to prescribed it


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  • NaeBae100


    You may went to see another psychiatrist. Some psychs do not like to prescribe meds that may cause addiction

  • theMeg


    This is the part that suckks is having to be your own advocate. You can absolutely say things like, hey I have done my homework on this medicine that I really would like to try to help manage these symptoms. May we please work together to find the right dose? And if she says no, ask her to chart it that she did not give you anything. It May actually make her want to find you an alternative if she knows she's in the red

  • LilG


    Try to see another doctor. Even a family doctor can prescribe hydroxyzine as far as I know.

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