I just moved to a new state over a month ago after living in my hometown for ten years. The idea of the move and every part of it had caused me to slip into a mixed episode, which is still going on. Surprisingly, everything was mostly fine after the initial anxiety attack, (albeit some minor paranoia and hypomania), and I really started enjoying the new house. However, since two weeks ago, I started having anxiety attacks for no reason in the middle of the night, causing me to stay up until the late morning. Minor anxiety then persists all day, even when there isn't anything to worry about. Most noteably, I get a tight feeling in my chest as if I just ran a mile, as well as IBS related issues (which worsen with anxiety most of the time). I was curious if it was some kind of ulcer or heart condition, but most symptoms of either don't match up. I decided to take a break from my bedroom, because it began to remind me of having anxiety, thus causing anxiety. I plan on sleeping on the couch for the next few days. Breathing exercises and chamomile/hibiscus tea help with the chest pain temporarily, and nothing else. I haven't been prescribed with medication for bipolar, anxiety, or sleep yet, and won't have medical insurance for another month.
My main questions are: What could the chest pain be if it isnt anxiety? Is there any way to help anxiety that I can't find the root of? Could this be a manic/depressive symptom of sorts? How long might this last, and should I go to a doctor if it persists for longer? Thank you for reading all of this if you did!

TL;DR: i just moved to a new state after ten years of living in my hometown, and am currently in a mixed episode of bipolar. i was fine for over a month after an initial anxiety attack, but began having persistent anxiety with chest pain, ibs symptoms, and insomnia- going on for two weeks now. only chamomile/hibiscus tea and breathing exercises solve the chest pain temporarily.

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    You should try doing activities that are stress free for you and take out the time to change your environment for rest and work. These are steady changes but they could help. Also sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't make you should start also taking your time to scream into a pillow when you feel overwhelmed or talk with someone. It always helps but don't burden them too much always try to find peace within your confines or animals or taking care of plants

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