Hi, I have PPD, BPD, ADHD, GAD, MDD, and CPTSD, I'm wondering what everybody else has done as far as treatments and medications, what worked well and what didn't? I don't react well to SSRI's, drugs like seroquel and mirtazepine made me lose my mind. Im currently taking lyrica 150mg, modafinil 50-100mg, hydroxyzine, CBD, Delta-8, and 5-8 grams of white vein kratom daily.





Personality Disorder (PD)

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  • Yggdrasil9726


    I can't speak on any of those other disorders as In just ADHD and DPD but u just microdose cannabis edibles along with matcha green tea or earl grey and my vital greens and I'm set. Occasionally I'll do psychedelics once a year or inece every 2 years just to clear my mind . Other than that thata it tho. Excercise helps too. And meditation apps

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