I just came to the realization that I may have dependent personality disorder, and it makes so much sense. I struggle a lot with codependency towards other people, and it's near paralyzing to be alone without them around for guidance to help with even the smallest decisions or things. I feel incapable, and it's embarrassing how easily I spiral from anxiety if I don't have my friend or partner around to help me.

Personality Disorder (PD)

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  • micah_1234


    I have this too and I wish I could change it and it scares me

  • Kelly1234567


    I feel similarly though it used to be a lot worse before medication. I feel moreso emotionally dependent now instead of like functionally dependent. Like I rely on other people for my happiness. But it’s like- people are social creatures. Aren’t we all codependent in this way? Maybe the difference is when you have like one close friend/person in life. Maybe it’s the tendency to tie all of your happiness to one person. But the thing is, I really dislike shallow relationships and it makes the idea of having a larger community less appealing. I don’t know what the solution is.

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