What treatments have you explored for persistent insomnia (aka chronic insomnia) what have worked for you be what haven't?



Persistent Insomnia

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  • loveshespoke


    Medication is the only thing that has worked for me. Therapy and sleep routines have only improved, but I do strongly recommend a weighted blanket, a dark room, and aromatherapy

  • LBOH


    Cannabis- a good indica based gummy or a gummy with CBN works best.

  • Rosesandclouds


    I tried diphenhydramine which worked for a time then stopped working as well as higher dosages of melatonin (10mg) did not work for me. Doexpin worked alot better but even sometimes didn't though but still more than alot of over the counter med. But I think it's also cuz my other illnesses GERD and allergies.

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