Making a commitment to get rid of my razor blades this week. I've recruited a friend to hold me accountable to it. Things have been bad lately and today I'm having a moment of clarity, so I'm making the choice to protect my future self, whether she likes it or not!

(Yes, I will probably regret this decision later.)

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)


Self-inflicted injury

Suicidal ideation

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  • Skipeople


    That is a hard choice to make and I am proud of you for choosing safety over comfort (for now). The urges may not go away or even worsen to start, but for me it did get easier and better as time went on and as my coping skills became more positive. Keep pushing forward!

  • KittyKatKuo


    If you need someone to rant to, need advice for coping etc, or need a friend whether temporary or long term my inbox is open! I'm a survivor of self harm of 16+ years

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