hey all, i'm new here! these past couple years, all of my symptoms have been getting worse. right now i'm struggling to find a job that i can both work and will support me. i can't work more than around 25 hours a week and even that's too much, but i don't have any other sources of income. i also can't drive, so that makes it even harder to find something
i'm really tired of job hopping, but i don't really know what else to do other than hope something works out along the way. is anyone else dealing with something similar?

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  • lightestofheart


    I also work hybrid and had been wfh the last 2 years. It's a game changer!

  • dutchessnicolex


    This is literally my life right now. I typically cant stop throwing up long enough to make a sales phone call.

    • avian


      i feel that, anything with phone calls would be too much for me but that seems to be most of the wfh jobs available. i really want a wfh job, but it'll probably take forever to find a good one

  • GoogzDaPimp


    I relate to this heavily! It is SO hard to get caught up with how “normal” societal work standards are, that finding something that works for people who struggle with chronic pain/illness seems impossible. It is out there for us though! 🥹

  • Scullyitsme


    I’m sorry you’re going through that. Something that’s helped my fibro is an SSRI. I’m on Pristiq for it and it’s helped cut my attacks by like 75%. And I use this personal aroma therapy thing called MONQ. I use the relieve with CBD in it. It’s really helpful. Something you could try talking to your doc about maybe 😊

  • CaitiBee


    I’m sorry you’re struggling. I work from home and work for myself for the same reasons. What field do you work in?

  • evanchiladas


    same boat here! i work part time as a grocery cashier at 20hrs a week, and i still get burnt out!! i'm driving without a license bc i have no other way to get to work but i'm terrified of driving. i've only gotten three jobs, two from the same company, because no one will take me. i don't have a high school diploma and i keep postponing my test dates, so i can't work from home. i know i'm book smart if i try and have accommodations, but everytime i try to, a million things go wrong, and i don't have in in me to keep going at that point. i feel incompetent as an adult, i'm still struggling to understand the loopholes my bank is allowed to drag me through.

  • History.and.cats


    I am, fibro mixed with my other health issues has caused me to not be able to work for a few months now. I want to find something I'm passionate about that I can physically do. Me and my mom have started talking about starting a business, which I could do from home so that would help.

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