what can I do (not medication) to reduce inflammation and pain?

Diffuse connective tissue disease

Joint pain

Chronic Generalized pain


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  • Niffer222


    Are you following an anti-inflammatory diet? For me, that was a game changer in my life. Cut out all dairy, all sugar and whites.

  • KoriMMorgan1990


    Yes I actually bought a cook book for it as well so I had more ideas on what to make myself. And I bought a heating pad and some nice rice wraps

  • TrixNY


    Diet is definitely what to focus on. I no longer eat dairy, and taking turmeric and curcumin helped me avoid prescription medications for SLE and MCTD for a couple of years. I do take hydroxychloroquine now, but was able to manage inflammation for a while just with diet and supplements.

  • Sagge


    I do yoga but more stretching and breathing exercises that I have learned from yoga. It helps when the pain is very bad.

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