I called out for work today and I feel guilty. I was feeling a little insecure because I'm the type of employee that always shows up and never call out. I hate calling out because then I feel guilty and go through scenarios in my head about what could happen if I'm not there.

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  • VirgoJourney


    Hey Love. I understand. I have a similar relationship with work and my health. All will be well. Take care of yourself and make sure that when you go back you are able to give it your best.

  • blokeo


    hey, i just did the same thing today, fever, i understand how it can be scary to not be there. just focus on yourself, youre not at work, so dwelling on it wont be doing you any good (i know, easier said than done) just know youll get through this :)

  • HorrorMaster88S


    I always feel the same as far as feeling guilty when I call out but sometimes when need to take a day to rest and recover, all will be well 💕 try and have a good dau

  • Zoey_Val


    This is something I am still working on as well. I used to always pride myself on never taking days off or calling in sick - and it made me more sick! I still get totally nervous to tell a boss or manager that I can’t work due to being sick but honestly if they are rude about it then that’s not a person who’s opinion you should care about anyways especially if they don’t care about your health. People take sick days all of the time and no one is going to judge you for it most important thing is take care of yourself! ❤️

  • Spaghetti_NOs


    I don't know if it helps you but for me, looking at a history of how much workers used to get paid, could afford raising a family on one income, used to get pensions, etc. REALLY helped me get over my anxiety about calling out. Our employers totally screw us over ALL THE TIME. I like my manager but I had a family emergency the last week and she STILL asked me to be on call. No. If I died tomorrow, they'd have me replaced by the end of the week. They might not even replace me at all. If something happens bc you weren't there, that's on the company. I work my 40 hours (sometimes less) and go home (I do office work). So much of my anxiety stems from my job and it's just not worth it to me anymore and acting my wage has been one of the best things I've ever done for my anxiety. Business will suffer if I don't convince my boss that this is an awful idea? I already said something, they didn't want to listen, and this is not my company. I sleep SO much better at night and am able to really let go of the work day since doing this. Work no longer dominates all of my working hours. Good luck though, I know it's hard ❤️

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