Other than meds, what treatments or managements have you found helpful?

Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)

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  • luna70


    Logging my days (specifically: writing what I did in a day in a journal designed for planning), tracking my moods and switches (SimplyPlural helps), communicating with alters, journaling. In the past calendars have helped days be less blended, but logging days in a planner has helped more

  • damon


    Communication in all honesty. If you're able to internally communicate than use that for all it's worth. If you can't then having a designated journal or something to communicate through would be essential. Being in a system is like any relationship, and having that communication can stop problems before they ever start

  • dethdial


    communication and logging. we have this app called simply plural. it’s very easy to use and it’s like a little social media for your alters. they can add icons and bios, as well as long the times they are in front

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