Does anyone else have a hard time 'sitting with positive emotions'? I find I get very anxious or distressed.

I often find it much more comfortable thinking about or focusing on negative emotions because it feels like the reality I'm used to.

Chronic Restlessness and Agitation

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

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  • magalito


    It’s hard. I feel you.

  • CosmicDragon


    Yes! It’s like a feeling like I shouldn’t be able to feel happy and peaceful yet I know I am safe yet at the same time you can’t help but feel like something bad is going to happy so you’re all ways on high alert #exhausting

  • Kida0117


    Yes, it's draining. Sadly tho I can't do negative things even if I think that way. In my family I'm the therapist, black sheep, and scape goat. Everyone likes to pick on me in severe ways but if they mess up they come to me and ask for help and I get blamed after for the screw up. I have to stay positive or I get called a "b*tch" or I can't take a joke.

  • GreenDog



  • mahrigxld


    I totally get you. My therapist told me once that we often like to sit with negative thoughts and emotions so that we’re prepared for worst case scenario.

  • Kat78


    I feel ya. A lot of times it makes my anxiety act up, like things r going too good... Something is gonna go wrong

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