ive been struggling heavily with loneliness and suicidal ideations. i feel like ive completely lost all of my confidence. i don't know where to go to meet people, and im at the point where ive lost the motivation to try and better the situation. ive always been super awkward with women, and super socially anxious when it comes to anyone i dont know. most nights i just come home after work and drink honestly.

Complex post traumatic stress disorder


Anxiety (Including GAD)

Social Anxiety

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  • AllostaticOverload


    Do you have Discord? It's been good for meeting people. There are also support servers, some specifically for CPTSD. People who know what you're going through tend to be easier to talk to, or at least more forgiving.

    • forbiddenpoet


      can you dm me? Im not really familiar with discord or how to get into those communities but that honestly sounds pretty helpful

      • AllostaticOverload


        Sure. I'm having some trouble with the app right now, but I will get to you when I can.

  • Derrick707


    I can relate in a lot of ways

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