My psychiatrist just added clonodine .1mg for anxiety. I'd like to hear others experience with this for anxiety. Also my bp is not normally high, in fact runs low. I'd like to know how fast it drops & how low bp goes after taking this med. I feel I could be setting myself up for a very low bp.


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  • Tired247


    I used clonidine for sleep for insomnia. The blood pressure drops fast. It left me in a coma like state for 2 weeks and I almost died and I only took what was prescribed. I had low blood pressure before taking it and now I read no pulse on everything as it dropped everything so low.

  • oof


    Be very careful I collapsed on .2s by just getting up to go to the bathroom I couldn’t stand up or I’d lose consciousness again I had to crawl into my bed that happens because not enough blood can reach the brain. When you pass out and are vertical your heart doesn’t have to pump as hard

  • cabb


    Thank you for your replies. I definitely did not have a good feeling about this drug

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