Hi thought I would give this app A try. gets tiring feeling sick constantly and worried. Wondering if anyone has tips on how to improve fibromyalgia pain.

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Fibromyalgia (FM)

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    Hi! I was diagnosed not that long ago (beginning of this year) I’ve tried Gabapentin, which didn’t do much for me, so I’m on Cymbalta right now, pain and brain fog are a lot better but I do have some side effects, hopefully they’ll go away as I’m getting use to it. I go to physical therapy 2x a week, I do some gentle exercises and massages, I also have a heating pad at home that I use on my neck and back before I go to bed or during the day if I’m in a lot of pain. I take magnesium and vitamin D. I also like Epson salts, I have a calming one with magnesium that helps with pain and sleep. And if I’m worried or just thinking to much about everything I just like to go out for a short walk if I have the energy, if not I love reading a book and having a cup of tea or coffee. Also call a friend or loved one that understands what we go through so I can vent or express my concern. I hope this helps a little, I know it’s not easy sometimes but you’re not alone. Gentle hugs ❤️

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