I think it's funny because at the time I didn't realize that what I was going through was bullying. I wasn't shoved into lockers or called a freak or anything. People would just make me feel horrible and stupid for being myself. They'd question my every decision and interest and mock everything I did. A lot of the people who did it were people that I thought were my friends. I was an undiagnosed autistic dude and they'd always laugh at me when I didn't get a joke or realize that they were being sarcastic. I was called gullible and naive. I was called obsessive and weird for having special interests, and I ended up hating myself. There were things that they said that I didn't even realize were mean until years later. They were these neurotypical people who used a lot of backhanded comments and fake personalities that I often overlooked at the time. I know that without all that I would probably still be mentally ill because of other stuff and my genes, but it certainly didn't help. I can't share anything anymore without feeling incredible embarrassment. Sharing any kind of interest or emotion makes me feel so much shame and fear because I have no idea what to expect and I still can't always tell when people think I'm being annoying.

Victim of bullying

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  • wheezer


    Not to mention that my family does a lot of the same stuff and there was also one time that someone made an account about me calling me stupid, ugly, annoying, weird, and fat in middle school

  • melanchollie


    same tho. one time, a girl threw a football at my head so hard that i got a concussion, and still I did not realize that I was bullied for like, another seven years.

  • Livingasazebra


    THIS!!! Same. I’m autistic and I was undiagnosed at the time and I was incredibly gullible (bc I couldn’t tell they were bullying me) and later on when I realised I was in mental health crisis and I didn’t know why I was being “picked on” it was only years later I realised what I went thru was very bad and they were bullying me and gaslighting/manipulating me.

  • Starcycle


    Awareness NEEDS to be spread about this kind of bullying. I thought the exact same thing. It's bullying and nobody realizes that, least of all the people being bullied because 'they haven't physically hurt me'. Just know you're valid, and amazing. Thank you for surviving.

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