I had breast cancer three years ago. I’m on Ibrance and Letrozole and doing good. I’m under a lot of stress not due to the cancer. Started having breathing problems and went to cardiologist. Did stress test and found out I have afib. Does anyone on here have afib?? If so what medicine are you on??

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  • Niktheking


    Hi, I have atrial fibrillation. I went to a cardiologist and was given beta blockers that slowed down my heart rate. Also at some point, they made an appointment for me to ablate a certain area in the left ventricle of my heart so that it wouldn't come back. I suggest that you continue checking with the cardiologists, they are experts in such things, and it is very common.

    • Babies


      thank you. I’m a nervous wreck over this. I heard magnesium will slow heart rate.

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