So my girlfriend and I plan to break up on the 18 cus we see it to be easier in the long run. She will be leaving soon for a while and needs to focus on her challenges hence the break up. And I feel alone since that conversation. Like i don’t have a girlfriend. But when I’m with her I’m fine. Thoughts?


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  • GrandLotus


    That’s an intense way to break up - to set a date. It doesn’t sound like it is a forever break up but it sounds like the right time for you to not have a commitment while she’s away and focusing on what she needs to focus on. Not having a girlfriend can be tough, but take some time to “date yourself”. You probably know what she likes, her favorite candy, movies, meals, gifts, hobbies, activities etc. Well now it’s time to make sure you know all of your favorite things and to treat yourself to them. But yourself your favorite candy, your favorite meals, little gifts for yourself and spend time on your self care and your own hobbies for awhile. Good luck, mate. You got a lot of living ahead of you, with or without her, so best get living it the best way you can.

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