Borderline personality disorder for me feels like 2 people in the same body. One says to “go do crazy shit, don’t date anyone, everyone is out to get you” but then the other side says “be calm, you are being too crazy, think clearly” I don’t know I just feel like the hard side of me just wants to protect the other side and the calm side just wants to be rational. Does anyone else relate to feeling like this?

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

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  • mmm


    Google: The Treatment of Structural Dissociation in Chronically Traumatized Patients Janina Fisher, Ph.D. I found it to explain this feeling very well!

  • Faye123


    I literally switch to a while other person when I get angry, so much so I don't remember what I say. It's like I have a stubborn, cold, calculated being in me that I hate. I gave mine a name it's so different. It's like rationally you know what's going on but there's a side of you that takes over no matter how smart or emotionally mature you are

  • diamondmama


    I've been diagnosed with BPD but I just don't buy it. I may ask about this to my "alikes".

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