how do I deal with the stress of moving? my partner and I are moving into our new apartment, which is great, however I am having trouble with the stress, even though its the good kind.

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  • Rosie_Posey


    I’ve done a lot of moves! My best advice is just tons upon tons of organizing ahead of time! It helps loads. Write on the boxes “kitchen- bowls” some people say things like wrap the glasses with socks but that’ll confuse you when you’re unpacking. Go room by room. I’d start with clothes you aren’t wearing. If it’s winter when you move pack your summer clothes first. Etc etc. When it comes time to make it all happen pack you and your partner each a bag of things you use every day and keep it close, move in your bed set first and make your bed. Place your essentials bags on top. Now you can take your time! You’ve got somewhere to sleep and a couple days worth of clothes, toiletries, everything you need and you don’t have to stress out looking for it all. You can take your time unpacking everything else.

  • DutchJack


    Do whatever feels necessary to calm yourself down. Like writing the names of the rooms on all sides of the boxes, or making sure that everything gets safely into the truck, or walking around each room to check if everything was taken out of it. What will always help is to repeat this in your head: "Everything is going to be okay, no need to freak out" I believe in you buddy, we all do❤️

  • Joanna


    I totally understand this stress. I moved last summer with my boyfriend and thought I had everything planned out and STILL had a bunch of curveballs thrown my way and it was STRESSFUL 🤣 My suggestions: -pack and clean a little every day, not all at once -label your boxes! I bought stickers on Amazon to put on boxes as well as labeling them -the amount of boxes you think you need, you’ll need more LOL 😆 -get free boxes from friends (Amazon, or grocery stores etc) -consider hiring movers or get a crew of your friends to help you move -purge/toss/donate old stuff you don’t need -wear comfortable moving clothes and shoes the day of your move -look at your floor plan ahead of time and decide where your furniture and things will go, then you can unpack from there -leave stuff out that you will need at first (cleaning supplies, toilet paper, etc) in a laundry basket and readily available for when you get to your new spot -expect a bit of stress along the way, but it will all be okay! Most of all! Moving is EXCITING! How fun! You get a brand new space to decorate and vibe in! Enjoy the new vibes! Yes it is stressful but remember it is ALL worth it in the end!

  • Tori9517


    Personally i do everything in steps. I get my stuff separated into the rooms they are suppose to go in and I only give myself 15-20 minutes per room to put stuff away. If the room isnt complete then i move to the next room and go back to that room in a bit when i can refresh my mind. I also schedule 20-30 minute breaks every hour and a half to make sure i am mentally prepared to continue. Congratulations and i hope this helps

  • MissAl


    We’re going to be moving soon and I’m trying to just breath through it. We have moved A LOT but never since I’ve been actively ill, in pain, chronically fatigued. My worry is will I be able to help enough? So far I’ve been slowly purging, getting rid of things we don’t really need or use anymore. It’s made me feel useful. We also have a 5 yr old daughter so I’m taking charge of her things. Luckily she just went through a growth spurt so her purge is easier, most of her stuff doesn’t fit now 😅 I’m typically a control freak when moving and I’m just going to have to force myself not to be. I’m going to have to have faith that my husband has done this enough times and really we just need to get this stuff from point a to b and go from there. Simplify my mindset. With pain and fatigue (I peeked your profile) you need to pace yourself and listen to your body. Keep open communication with your moving party about how you feel and what you need too ok get through the moving day(s). I plan to help pack and unpack while others do the physical part because this girl can barely walk 3 miles without being down for days after. I too think going room by room is best. We love bins, especially clear ones so you can see inside. If you’re doing a local move and can go back and forth a few times, you can get away with pack the (example)kitchen, move the kitchen, roughly unpack the kitchen, and reuse the bins for the next room(s). If it’s a distance move then obviously you just need to pack what you can. I totally vouch for using your towels to pack dishes, because displacing towels and wash clothes in the ‘wrong’ room won’t be too hard to correct.

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