I've dealt with anxiety and depression for as long as I can remember, and now at 24, I'm realizing there might be an underlying cause for them. I relate a lot to people with ADHD and autism. Has anyone gone through the process of trying to get diagnosed? I'm afraid of seeking help and being dismissed.


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  • Eastcoaster


    I was diagnosed with autism in 2012 when I was 16. I don’t think the actual diagnosis had helped me at all. It’s actually more learning about understanding yourself. You can always request testing but if you learn about autism and try the suggestions on dealing with things and understanding it you will be able to help yourself more.

  • lily234


    I'm sorry you've had a hard time getting diagnosed. Try to talk to your gp, then maybe a psychologist, and possibly a psychiatrist if necessary. And it's hard to find therapy that works out. I still haven't found yet. But hopefully you can find what you're looking for soon ❤️

  • monsterflower


    I was in almost the exact same situation earlier this year. 25 now, been dealing with anxiety and depression (and OCD) for years, and suddenly my therapist brought up the possibility of me having ADHD. I'd never considered it before, but the more I researched it, the more everything made sense. My therapist encouraged me to take some online tests and if those confirmed it, talk to my doctor about it. I told my doctor I wanted to be evaluated for ADHD, and she gave me a test to fill out in the office. I scored high enough on that test to get a diagnosis, and that was that. It took me a while to get medication, but that was mainly because I've been dealing with high blood pressure and my doctor was concerned that stimulants would increase it even more, but eventually she agreed to prescribe me. I feel so much better now that I'm medicated and dealing with my ADHD in therapy. I was also really worried about being dismissed, especially because I'm a woman and have inattentive ADHD, so I don't really fit the stereotypes. But I would just encourage you to ask. If your provider refuses to even test you, ask for a new doctor. It's definitely a little scary, but we have to be our own advocates sometimes and fight to be taken seriously. There's nothing wrong with wanting to understand how your brain works, and you deserve to be treated by someone who wants to help you do that. Best of luck friend ❤️

  • Lulu10


    I agree with monsterflower. We need to be our own advocates and fight to be taken seriously sometimes. If you feel something is wrong fight for the right tests so if you are right you can be treated with the right treatments and if you are wrong at least you won’t have doubts anymore. I was told so many times it’s in my head until my mom took the reins and demanded a proper diagnosis for me.. now I am treated and feel so much better. Don’t be scared! I am are here for more advice if you need

  • Mars


    Currently experiencing the same, tuning in to hear the answers. You have all my support!

  • BucolicRose


    Make clear how these issues are affecting your everyday life and the issues that are blooming from it, and be firm! I had to have a one on one with my doctor because my family was not supportive at the time (I am an adult now) and had to advocate for my own issues. Now I'm on antidepressants and it has made my life so much easier ❤️

  • Cheeseballs


    See a psychiatrist! Other doctors will just diagnose gad and depression but you may have another issue and a psychiatrist will never dismiss you! Honestly you know your body and brain best, so if you think something is up, it may be. I used to think I had adhd but turns out I have really bad manic episodes and was diagnosed with bipolar 1. Self diagnosing doesnt really work because so many conditions mimic others, so go see a psychiatrist and they will help you out lots!!!

  • Tinie


    I was diagnosed with depression 2015 then it changed to bipolar 2017 and now they are back to thinking it is severe anxiety and depression possibly adhd or autism. Definitely find a Psych Don't be afraid to look around for one I had to change psychs for them to take me seriously about wanting to get tested for adhd and autism. Find a one right for you that listens and go from there. I know it is difficult but once you find a psych that you trust you it will help so much more in your journey trust me

  • hawaiilee03


    Tinie, my life story. Always had anxiety and depression, since probably 2006 diagnosed. Throw some alcohol on it and then they called it bipolar 2017. I only had ups and downs of I drank too much. I only drank too much to try and calm my anxiety. Went to a real psychiatrist a year ago. He says I have general and social anxiety. Recently scored high on the adhd test and have been prescribed adderall. It helps me focus on what’s in front of me and not worry about everything else. It also helps with my social anxiety as well.

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