My ex therapist said I couldn't possibly be autistic because I can make eye contact 🙄

My parents are of no help, because when I was little I was tested for it, but they found nothing (though I've heard many stories of similar things happening to people who found to be autistic later in life.)

I have a strong feeling I am autistic, but nobody listens. Anyone else relate or have advice?

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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  • KatieKitKat


    I am autistic (aspergers syndrome) & my mom & sister have worked with over the years 20+ to be exact & they did such a good job along with my meds that most people don't know I have it until I tell them. And every person is different so I can't tell you what you are or not. But likely if you've got a good amount of symptoms you probably have it. It's nor all about eye contact

  • Erebyssian


    My parents didn't believe me thinking I was on the spectrum for a long time. I simply had to wait until I was old enough to take myself in to get a full evaluation explaining my symptoms. Even after the results my parents doubt that I have the disorder, saying everything I experience is normal. I wish I could convince them to get checked out.🙄

  • Hayls


    Therapists are just people with an education -- which can mean a lot or absolutely nothing. Autism is also a highly variable area of research that is growing and adjusting constantly as people gain understanding. Personally, I think the fact that there are likely very few autistic individuals in charge of research, DSM-V qualifications, and development of treatment methods points to a high probability that many in the therapeutic and psychiatric communities could be way off base. With that, as well, comes in to play what they've been finding: some autistic individuals learn to mask incredibly quickly. I can make fantastic eye contact. I can also tell you that I taught myself how to do that. Therapists base everything on what you tell them and what they can see. If you are autistic and learned to mask quickly and learned how to interact with neurotypicals, you aren't going to seem autistic. You may not have the words to describe your internal experience (especially if you're just now realizing all of this. It's taken me years to understand and be able to relay my actual childhood experience vs what people saw as I quickly became adept at masking...special interest in psychology can do that 👍🏼) so there's no way for them to truly know how YOU experience the world around you. How you take in stimuli, how you react, and how you present are all realistically separate. As far as I'm concerned, YOU are the only one who can truly know. But that's just my two sense 🤷🏻‍♀️ (I've completed my undergrad for biology. I've dealt with and seen many therapists as I am diagnosed with C-PTSD. I've assisted my friends who became therapists in their studying and learning. I have learned and taught various coping mechanisms to many individuals with a wide array of diagnoses. Therapists are just people with some formal training. It doesn't make their opinion an end all.)

  • shellybear333


    I have autism as well and people are just to ignorant to see that autism has many symptoms and the stuff they use to say people have autism is out dated and inaccurate

  • Ashl


    What spific things do you struggle with I struggle with Emotional regulation/expressing emotions Sensoring processing disorder Expressive language disability Receptive language disability Adhd and possibly ocd Limited to no interest Constant bordem and irritation I can make eye-contact very well it's like the olny place I can look....

  • Zuma


    I can make eye contact and I'm autistic.

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