Is there anyway to control my urge to self sabotage my relationships? I've pushed so many people away, and I have exploded on many relationships, any tips to control this?

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

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  • Olivia18


    I second that. Anyone have any tips?

  • sydsaenz


    the best way i know of to not blow up on someone is to vent ur feelings to someone else first so they can help you talk through them and decide how to approach the person you need to talk to maybe even writing a letter to your person in advance as a practice so you know what you want to say

  • BPDummy


    If you think of it as an anger bank inside you over time it slowly fills up like if a guy flips you off while your driving or someone cuts in front of you at the store. Then something big happens and your bank explodes. So you practice mindfulness and self care. This won't stop it but it will help to empty your bank out a little at a time. Then when big things happen you'll have more control over yourself and your emotions.

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