so I am on rophinoral sorry for spelling lol for RLS and it not working like it use to what is the best suggestion to try next

Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS)


Chronic Abdominal Distention


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  • Icequeen90


    I actually switched to gabapentin and iron supplements and it hasn’t occurred since.

  • CozyVibez


    Your provider should either increase the dose, try pramiprexole instead, or try giving you a low dose of gabapentin or Lyrica at night. Magnesium and weighted blankets might help too. Wish you luck!! ❤️❤️

  • Clayton1972


    I found a 2016 study in which they gave 68 RLS patients thousand milligrams of potassium citrate per day. Within 2 weeks, the majority of them no longer have symptoms. Within 6 weeks, none of them had any symptoms remaining. I wanted to try this treatment protocol, but potassium supplements are tricky. First of all, if you take too much, it can cause severe health problems and even kill you. Secondly, even if your dose is at a safe level, it can hurt your stomach. Since this treatment protocol has only been attempted in one study and has not received much attention from the medical community, I doubt very seriously that there are any doctors anywhere in the world who have experience with it. Well, except for the ones who did the study and they are based in Bangladesh. In any case, I did try taking up to 300 mg of potassium at one time. The good news is that it works. My RLS goes away within an hour or less. However, I had to stop taking the potassium due to stomach pain. I'm going to try to find a doctor who can help me figure out how to approach this safely.

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