I am aware that I am a plus size person and when I was prescribed with hypo thyroid I was told that my medicine work however it it doesn't I'm concerned that I was put on the wrong one

Levothyroxine Sodium


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  • meold


    Let your doctor know. There are other meds to try. Also if you have just started taking it you may need to give it some time. Often the initial symptoms will go away after awhile.

  • Mommy_bear


    I was dx with hypothyroidism at age 46 & began Synthroid. It helped a bit but finally got my TPO (antibodies) checked with my thyroid panel this year & dx with Hashimotos which is the auto-immune disorder of thyroid. Many doctors do not want to run the full thyroid pane even if you have hypothyroidism, but you need to be pushy because many environmental things effect our thyroid so they should Be checked yearly & meds sometimes need to be adjusted. Also taking the meds exactly as prescribed consistently makes a difference (empty stomach, etc.). Changing my diet to the auntoimmune protocol diet (elimination diet removing all gluten, dairy, sugar, all processed foods, alcohol, nuts, seeds, processed oils, & night shade veggies) has changed my life. Now I’m reintroducing some foods one at a time every two weeks so I can identify if it changes how I feel. My hair is growing back, I’m sleeping better, less brain fog, more energy. The diet is challenging, but the reward of quality of life is worth it for me.

  • patf


    Take meds on a empty stomach . The medicine is delicate and only a sip of water. Take two the following day if forgotten .

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