Did you change when you were diagnosed and take medications. For example you used to be an extrovert and outgoing but now with medications you don't seem to be that way anymore and you're more more reserved. And if so how did you handle it?

Bipolar Disorder

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  • Relhavent


    I’m definitely more of an introvert now that I’m on meds. But I was always an introvert except when I was manic. So it’s not that different

  • JGonzo5608


    OK maybe thinking about it I was an extrovert because I was manic at the time again I'm not sure... thanks for your feedback

  • Relhavent


    Yeah no problem. Yeah when I’m manic I have a tendency to draw people in. And I love being surrounded by people even strangers

  • TealB


    Manic- social butterfly On meds- introverted af

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