so sad to hear that Twitch from SYTYCD and the Ellen show has died do to suicide at the age of 40. I'm crying and in disbelief. If you are hurting please reach out and get help. You matter.


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  • Rapunzel



  • Shebear13


    Wow he was amazing, that's incredibly sad. I guess it's true that we try to make others laugh to help with our own inner pain. 😥

  • Gwen71


    I totally agree...🙏

  • wndrgirl07


    I adore tWitch!!!! I’m heartbroken 💔🙏🏻♾️😭😭😭 been following him all his career. It’s your happy peeps ya need to check on!!! Been there done that…. Thank God I kept eventually reaching out. RIP tWitch… you’ll forever live in my heart 💜 May you be making the heavens laugh, smile and dance!!!!🙏🏻♥️🥹🥳

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