is anyone on dialysis

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)

acute lethargy

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  • Samone


    Hello yes I'm on PD. I was on hemo in the clinic for about a year I got tired of it and started to do it at home.

  • chocosmom


    I was on hemo 2x, once when I was about 12 and everything went fine then but then when I had to start it again (due to a transplant rejection) at 21 hemo made me feel so sick and eventually I had a seizure due to high blood pressure from being on hemo. I'm not on pd and have been for about 1 year and pd is going great, I can't stay out too late but I never really did so it doesn't affect me much. I did have to take a break from work and school because I still have a decent amount of bad days due to being exhausted or feeling sick.

  • heatherpie


    I am on in center dialysis 3 times a week. It sucks but I do it.

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