Hi I am looking for someone who knows generally how I feel daily and can relate to the pain and weakness/ tiredness


Generalized pain

Chronic Pain


Chronic Generalized pain

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  • goobieboobie


    You are not alone. I am not suicidal but I don't dread death either i am SO tired

  • AmyM


    You found them it is horrible

  • roadrage


    I have pain literally from my neck 2 my feet. Not 1 place that doesn't hurt. 24/7 no relief. Can't do anything like I used 2. Not only the pain but I have mental issues and chronic fatigue syndrome. All that combined I stay so tired. Ik what it's like hun

  • _sunflowerstatus


    I’m right there with you all! Sending some soft hugs and spoons 💕

  • Ashleydonna6592



  • Orthodox_Derek


    Do you guys have thoughts when you try to do something you enjoy like "what's the point"? Or if you're not actively anxious you get like a reminder of it in the background?

    • AngelRose


      I once did...That is when I learned to truly love and believe in myself and know it's ok to have bad days for you learn and grow from them to have truly more beautiful days. .hugs

  • Lollyr



  • Drewsdad08


    Here. Chronic pain and fatigue after cancer. Very hypothyroid. Adds to my anxiety

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