when was your first seizure,were was it,do you remember anything before or after.

my ex.The year was 2019 I was in the shower and seiz and I don't remember anything I was told my paramedics and my mom that I've seiz.

is this normal for peoples first seizure

Psychogenic non epileptic seizure


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  • D3stiny


    Epilepsy is different for everyone. I had my first seizure when I was 8 years old. I had no memory of what happened after it, but a couple days later I would remember what I was doing before then. It’s really good to bring someone with you who has witnessed your seizures to your neurologist appointments 👍🏻

  • XxZ420xX


    My first seizure I was three years old. I get the gran-mals

  • Periwinkle


    I had my first seizure in 2004. It wasn't a grand mal, but it progressed to the grand-mals after a few years.

  • Periwinkle


    I don't remember anything when I have grand-mals but when I have small ones I remember everything. Like all seizures I've had, it sucks.

  • Leejr


    Had a bunch as a baby but my mom didn’t know what it was at the time. Then, had a stroke in 2018, and was finally diagnosed with nocturnal Epilepsy and put on medication.

  • strugglebus


    I was 16, just got done getting dressed for school (thank God), my mom thought I was having a heart attack because I always get chest pains. My grand mals, I completely lock up and flex all my muscles. I came in and out of consciousness I remember my floor and seeing the paramedics, being cold getting carried to the ambulance and complaining when they pricked my finger taking my blood sugar, but none of my tests in the hospital. Just my family visiting

  • smiley3


    The day I was born I was already having seizures, took my parents about 2 maybe 3 years to get someone to listen to them.

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